The Mash: 30 November

Posted on Nov 30
It’s cold! But don’t worry, we’ve finally got heating in the Brewery Bar! (more…)

Brewery Boarding

Posted on Nov 26
How does your local head brewer get to work? Ours comes by skateboard and then when no one's looking (apart from the person with the camera phone, obviously) he likes to grind on the forklift. (more…)

The Mash: 23 November

Posted on Nov 23
On tap this weekend we’ve got the above line-up. Ignore that it says JOPA. That's already sold out between taking the photo and this going online. Instead, you'll get the Coffee Pale Ale minus the coffee. (more…)

Party Kegs!

Posted on Nov 21
Want draught Camden Town beer at your party? (more…)

Gentleman’s Wit Brewday

Posted on Nov 19
Today we’re brewing Gentleman’s Wit, our lemon and bergamot witbier. (more…)

Find Unfiltered Hells

Posted on Nov 14
Last week, 160 kegs of Unfiltered Hells Lager left the brewery. That’s a whole, huge, glorious tank of lager, all unfiltered. (more…)

Want to work at the Brewery Bar?

Posted on Nov 12
We’re looking for someone to work on the Brewery Bar! (more…)

Cooking with Camden: Batch Bakery

Posted on Nov 8
We love beer. We love food. We love food with our beer and we love beer in our food. And it seems others like to cook with Camden Town beer as well. One of those is Batch Bakery who regularly sell their brilliant brownies from the Brewery Bar. Here’s some...

Camden Brings the Lager!

Posted on Nov 5
  We love lager at Camden Town Brewery. We love it so much that in 2013 we’re going to make at least eight lagers. That’ll be three lagers year-round, two as extended releases, two one-off super lagers and a collaboration lager... (more…)

London Burger Bash

Posted on Nov 1
Six chefs, 200 people and a lot of burgers. It’s the London Burger Bash. Those six chefs, some of London’s best, each bring their own unique combinations of meat, bread and toppings and those 200 diners eat half a burger from each chef and vote for their favourite – the...