The best of 2012

Posted on Dec 27
What have we been eating, drinking and doing this year? Here’s a round-up from a bunch of us at the brewery. (more…)

What Happened in 2012

Posted on Dec 24
The year started and we got working on the Brewery Bar. From a cold shell of an arch we made the bar, clad the walls, built in bench seating and got beer flowing. Here's how it happened. (more…)

The Mash: 21 December

Posted on Dec 21
It’s nearly Christmas! There’s Christmas music on in the bar! There’s even a Christmas tree! (more…)

Camden Town Ryeld

Posted on Dec 20
We’d milled in for a Pale Ale. It was all ready to go. Then we greeted some friends from Sweden into the brewery and decided to brew something different. What would you like to brew? We asked. A mild, they said. James has always wanted to do a rye mild,...

Camden Town beer in 2013

Posted on Dec 17
Our beer line-up is changing. The beers which will be available year-round has evolved to include two new beers, there’ll be four beers around for a few months each, two super specials and a bunch of other brews. (more…)

Christmas Presents!

Posted on Dec 11
  What do you want for Christmas? (more…)

The Mash: 7 December

Posted on Dec 7
Doppelbock is out. It’s a German style, American accent with London execution. Doppelbock deconstructed and put back together the way we want it to be. Darker malt than most and deep with hop flavour. (more…)

Camden Doppelbock (aka Fükdahator)

Posted on Dec 4
After months of planning and six weeks in tank, our Doppelbock is finally ready! (more…)


Posted on Dec 3
"He said, to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground, we give you IHL; India Hells Lager. And it was so." With the hop hit of a great IPA, with the smooth body and crisp...