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About a beer: why we love lager

  • Don’t believe the hype
    No. 1

    Don’t believe the hype

    Lager has a bad reputation but everyone drinks it. Just like those bands that everyone listens to but would never dare admit. At Camden Town, we love lager. Love. It.

  • Deceptively simple
    No. 2

    Deceptively simple

    And while lager might taste like the simplest type of beer in the world, it also happens to be one of the most elegant, sophisticated and tricky beers to get right.

  • Lager and proud
    No. 3

    Lager and proud

    We’re proud to say we love lager because we make beer that is full flavoured, distinctive, well balanced and fantastic to drink. And we’re happy to say the word ‘lager’ very loudly.

  • Ingredients make it
    No. 4

    Ingredients make it

    Everyone who joins our business goes to Bamberg within their first year. That way they get to experience first hand where we get our house Pilsner malt, and how this amazing grain inspired Hells.

  • We care. A lot.
    No. 5

    We care. A lot.

    From the grain to the yeast, the hops and the process itself, every element of our beer is monitored by passionate professionals.

  • Always changing
    No. 6

    Always changing

    Certain grains work best with certain hops. Temperatures one day might need to be adjusted from those the previous day. The hops we’re using this week might ever so slightly differ to those we used last week. And so on.

  • Details, details
    No. 7

    Details, details

    Every recipe is constructed with precise care and we continually make the tiniest of tiny tweaks to our brewing process to ensure you get a beer that tastes great every time.

  • Au naturel
    No. 8

    Au naturel

    We use all natural ingredients so that what you get is a natural, flavoursome beer, which hasn’t been pasteurised or fiddled about with.

  • Hey good looking
    No. 9

    Hey good looking

    We go out of our way to make sure that every bottle looks as beautiful and interesting as it tastes. That means working with great illustrators and designers.

  • Beer for drinking
    No. 10

    Beer for drinking

    There’s no snobbery involved and certainly no pretentious pauses or long-winded discussions after each sip. We make great beer for everyone. It’s that simple.