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  • Plum Sour

    Plum Sour

    Sour flavours release serotonin (happy chemicals) according to scientists. Lagers aren’t usually soured, according to brewers. But this one is, so you could call it a happy lager – made with lots of fresh plum pureé for a balance between stone-fruit juicy and mouth puckeringly sour.

    July 2019

  • Brut IPL

    Brut IPL

    We throw the hops in while the yeast is still actively fermenting, creating new compounds and totally different flavours. By adding natural enzymes that ‘eat up’ all the residual sugar, the beer ferments at a much dryer, champagne like, state. then, as if by magic, you’ve got yourself a fruity, fragrant lager with a bone-dry finish. brut-iful stuff.

    Sept 2019

  • Mexican Lager

    Mexican Lager

    Can the freshest Mexican lager this side of Guadalajara be brewed in a railway arch in Camden? It Mexi-can indeed. Flaked maize and Mexican yeast make for a beer that’s crisper than a fresh tostada, and an inauthentic addition of zesty NZ Wakatu hops means no lime wedge needed.

    JUNE 2019

  • Yeast Lightning Brut IPL

    Yeast Lightning Brut IPL

    Like bio-transformation, for example. Add hops while the yeast is still actively fermenting, and it’ll react with them to create new compounds and totally different flavours from your average dry hop addition. Add a natural enzyme that ‘eats up’ all the residual sugar, and you’ve got yourself a fruity, fragrant lager with a bone-dry finish. A bio-transformed brut IPL. Go yeast lightning!

    October 2018

  • Fruit Country Sour Ale

    Fruit Country Sour Ale

    And salty air, but don't have them readily available, this tropical sour ale is a good substitute. Made with passion fruit and physalis for a fruity holiday-drink-served-in-a-coconut aroma, it’s refreshingly sour instead of cocktail sticky, with a gose-style pinch of seasalt for beachy salinity. Just don't pop one of those little umbrellas in your pint; people will look at you funny.

    July 2018

  • Wilkin St White Pilsner

    Wilkin St White Pilsner

    "Can we make it a lager?" is what our brewers ask themselves when considering a new recipe. Sometimes, the answer is no, but sometimes it's a resounding yes. So here's our first-ever White Pilsner. A homage to hefeweizen made with 50/50 pilsner and wheat malt for clean crispness meets hazy smoothness, lager yeast, and new German hops that mimic the fruity yeast esters of more traditional white beers.

    June 2018

  • Spezial Hells Lager Bier

    Spezial Hells Lager Bier

    It’s no secret our Hells is the lovechild of Helles and Pilsner, but did you know Helles has a bigger, brother, Spezial? It’s the beer to order in a German beer hall when you want something fancier. We can’t get enough of it, which inspired us to brew our own Spezial take on Hells lager. A bit stronger, with more floral and spicy noble hop character and that crisp Hells finish.

    FEB 2018

  • Guest Appearances

    Christmas, holidays, just because we feel like it, these are the beers that are around for a while and occasionally make a return.

    The Occasional Beers
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