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IHL Lager

We love IPA but we brew lager.

So this is the IPA, resurrected as lager. Sounds almost spiritual, right? In our office, this is known as “the brewers’ beer”. All the flavour of an IPA. Minus the heavy sweetness. Amen to that, brother.

I need this beer
Camden IHL Lager

Packed with hops

We double dry hop IHL, stuffing loads and loads of hop pellets into our hop tornado, which circulates them at high pressure though the beer, getting all that hoppy flavour in. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

Camden IHL Lager

We read our reviews

Famous actors always say they don’t read their reviews. But we’re always interested to hear what people think, which is why we were extra flattered when our IHL won a gold medal on Rate Beer.

Camden IHL Lager

As Indian as chicken tikka masala

Which is to say, not very. IHL stands for India Hells Lager, because it’s our take on an India Pale Ale. So called, because it was prepared to export to India, not because it was from there.

Jon drinks IHL listening to Alt-J

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