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Pale ale, roast barley, caramalt, chocolate malt


Pacific gem, northdown

Ink Stout

A good head is essential.

Especially when it comes to stout. We use nitrogen bubbles to give our Ink Stout its thick, creamy head and smooth finish. And without getting all big headed, we think it’s the finest stout in the land.

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Camden Ink Stout

London and stout go way back.

The first stouts were from the capital, and though other places are more famous for it now, we Londoners can still make a pretty mean stout.

Camden Ink Stout

Dark and bitter. In a nice way.

When you put it like that, Ink sounds a bit grumpy. But think along the lines of great black coffee and rich, dark chocolate and you’ll know how good dark and bitter can be.

Camden Ink Stout

Nitrogen is cool stuff.

Literally. While chefs use the liquid kind to freeze fancy ice cream, when it comes to beer, nitrogen gives a creamy carbonation (as opposed to the more prickly fizz of CO2) that’s perfect for a proper good stout.

Have your Ink and eat it too

Bake our pals Batch Bakery’s Ink Stout brownie recipe from way back in 2012.

Let's bake!

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