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Barrel Aged Lager






Pilsner, Munich, Dark Crystal, Chocolate, Wheat, Carared, Oats



Beer 2016

Our end of year beer

Back in November.
A freestyle lager, aged in cognac, tequila and bourbon barrels for 12 months with notes of dark rum, sweet treacle and cocoa. Full bodied with a deep red brown hue, balanced hop bitterness and short finish.

I need this beer
Camden Beer 2016

From barrel to bottle

Available in a limited run of 2,016 screen printed 750ml sharing bottles illustrated by London-based artist Jay Cover and 30l kegs, so get it before it goes.

Camden Beer 2016

'Tis the season to drink beer

Like a homemade brandy pudding, crack this beer open to share after Christmas dinner, brewed to toast in the festive season or ring in the new year.

Camden Beer 2016

Two of a kind

Some things come better in pairs. There is a small amount of it’s older sibling Beer 2015 left, so why not get them together in a two bottle gift pack.

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