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Barrel Aged Imperial Pilsner






Pilsner, Wheat


Magnum, Nelson Sauvin

Beer 2017 Barrel Aged Lager

A leap of faith

That’s what barrel aging is. You brew a beautiful beer, then gamble by putting it in barrels, cross your fingers and pray to the beer gods that it will come out good. You turn them, test them, taste them, wait, and wait some more, blend, pray. Then pour. That same beautiful beer, but grown up, matured. Like bumping into an old friend and recognising them immediately. Hello, you.

Beer 2018 launching November.

I need this beer
Camden Beer 2017 Barrel Aged Lager

barrels of fun

We’ve switched up the barrel mix for Beer 2017, using wood that previously imparted its oakiness to White Burgundy, with a few brandy barrels thrown in for good measure, too.

Camden Beer 2017 Barrel Aged Lager

hail pilsner

Beer’s the world’s favourite drink*, lager’s the world’s greatest beer. So what does that make Imperial Pilsner? A double strength emperor that presides over them all? Sounds about right.
*After water and tea

Camden Beer 2017 Barrel Aged Lager

Lord Nelson

Nelson Sauvin is a New Zealand hop, so named for its aromatic affinity with the Sauvignon Blanc grape. It gives Beer 2017 gooseberry, tangerine and grapefruit aromas, mellowed by a year on oak.

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