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Tropical Lager






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Hols Tropical Lager

Long haul flights, luggage stamps and lounge music

Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses and sun cream, Trinidad, St Tropez, and tan lines. Going on your hols is a break from the usual, and a chance to have fun. With this in mind, we created Camden Hols Lager. Happy holidays!


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Camden Hols Tropical Lager

Short for Holidays

“Hols”. You know, because we’re so relaxed sipping on this beer under a palm tree over here that we can’t even bring ourselves to say a three-syllable word. Far too much like hard work, don’t you think? Time for another beer.

Camden Hols Tropical Lager

No passport needed

Even if you aren’t on your hols, this fresh and fruity, tropical lager will take you to warmer climes. It couldn’t be more tropical if it was served in a coconut with a little pink umbrella in it, with a sea breeze and the sand between your toes.

Camden Hols Tropical Lager


Holidays could mean the festive season, or something a little bit more summery. Whichever meaning you relate to, holidays – or hols – as us abbreviation mad Brits like to call them – are a break from the usual, and a chance to have a bit of fun.

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