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Pilsner, Wheat, Munich, Cara Pils


Nelson Sauvin, Amarillo, Galaxy

Inner City Green Lager

The Dark days are over

Blossom, bank holidays, and trainers with no socks, the first outdoor ice cream – or beer – of the year – everyone has their springtime signifier. For us, spring hasn’t properly sprung until we’ve had our first pint of hoppy, juicy, fresh Inner City Green. Sock-wearing optional.

Head to the park, Inner City Green is now in cans!

This is our first seasonal beer to come off the canning line, perfect for festivals, picnics, garden parties, and any excuse to get outside in the sunshine.

I need this beer
Camden Inner City Green Lager

Green, greener, greenest

The word green can mean immature, but not in Inner City Green’s case. Like all out lagers, it gets a full 4 weeks of maturation in tank to make sure it’s crisp, clean, green and all grown-up.

Camden Inner City Green Lager

Greens are good for you

And good for beer too. This beer isn’t green, but it is full of green stuff – hops – with Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy and Amarillo all giving buckets of green grape, gooseberry and passion fruit aroma.

Camden Inner City Green Lager

Lighter, brighter

Longer, lighter days, call for lighter, brighter beers, so when the sun comes out, Inner City Green is your friend. Head to the nearest green patch to get maximum beer-in-the-sun exposure.

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