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Festi-beer Style Lager






Pilsner, Munich, Chocolate


Magnum, Hallertauer

Oktoberfest Lager

We owe it all to Prince Ludwig.

Oktoberfest. 16 glorious days each year when the hardworking folk of Munich down tools to drink beer, wear costumes and eat, all in honour of a royal wedding 206 years ago. The festival might sound like a fairy-tale, but our Oktoberfest lager’s the real thing; rich, complex and nutty with a crisp, dry finish. Lederhosen optional.

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Camden Oktoberfest Lager

The Other Ingredient

Malt. Often overshadowed by hops, but not here. Our house pilsner malt plus Munich and Chocolate malts give Oktoberfest a solid malt backbone, accentuated by subtle, floral hopping.

Camden Oktoberfest Lager

Steins At The Ready

Best served in a big stein with a lot of foamy head, alongside classic fest fare like the three Ps: Pork, potatoes and pretzels.

Camden Oktoberfest Lager


The Germans love Oktoberfest so much they can’t wait until October to get started, kicking the whole thing off in mid September, and getting a head start in enjoying all that beer.

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