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  • Other Pils Lager

    Other Pils Lager

    Our Australian hopped lager

    • 2018
    • 4.6% vol.
    • IBU 36
  • Squash Spiced Porter

    Squash Spiced Porter

    Butternut Squash Spiced Porter, with pink peppercorn and cardamon.

    • 2017
    • 5% vol.
    • IBU 35
  • Melon Wedge Sour Ale

    Melon Wedge Sour Ale

    Juicy, dry and refreshing sour ale, brewed with fresh Watermelon, and strawberry puree.

    • 2017
    • 3.3% vol.
    • IBU 5
  • Flue Faker Smoked Lager

    Flue Faker Smoked Lager

    Our take on a classic Bamberg Rauchbier.

    • 2017
    • 5.8% vol.
    • IBU 25
  • Beer 2016

    Beer 2016

    Our barrel aged end of year beer

    • Barrel Aged Lager
    • 8.1% vol.
    • IBU
  • Camden Versus Elysian

    Camden Versus Elysian

    Our collaboration India Pale Lager - Hells and IHL meet Elysian's Space Dust IPA.

    • 2016
    • 6.6% vol.
    • IBU 68
  • Italian Gentleman

    Italian Gentleman

    The Italian cousin of our Gentleman’s Wit and Birra del Borgo’s Enkir Saison.

    • Saison
    • 5% vol.
    • IBU 21
  • No Substitutions

    No Substitutions

    No substitutions, no switches, breakfast will be served as listed. Smooth, dark, subtly sweet.

    • Breakfast Porter
    • 8% vol.
    • IBU 60
  • Jarrylo Hells

    Jarrylo Hells

    Kicking off our single hopped lager series with Jarrylo - Named after the Slavic god of fertility.

    • Lager
    • 4.8% vol.
    • IBU 41
  • Hops Don’t Grow On Trees

    Hops Don’t Grow On Trees

    Packed full of hops, it's light and crisp with a bitterness that keeps you wanting more.

    • Lager
    • 5.8% vol.
    • IBU 37
  • Beer 2015

    Beer 2015

    Aged in tequila, rum, coniac + bourbon barrels. Deep, nutty + sweet, like a peacan pie with a shot of whisky.

    • Lager
    • 7.6% vol.
    • IBU 45
  • Oktoberfest Lager

    Oktoberfest Lager

    Ready to celebrate Oktoberfest - this beer was brewed at a higher gravity of 13.5 to create a clean, crisp finish.

    • Lager
    • 5.8% vol.
    • IBU 37
  • Camden Versus Stone + Wood Lager

    Camden Versus Stone + Wood Lager

    Our pals from over the pond at Stone & Wood came over to create this Aussie-Hopped Lager! With juicy tropical aromas pair it with your BBQ on a sunny day!

    • Lager
    • 4.9% vol.
    • IBU --
  • Barrel Aged IHL

    Barrel Aged IHL

    It's IHL but with six months in Bourbon and Tequila barrels. Rich but refreshing.

    • Lager
    • 7.4% vol.
    • IBU 54
  • Fruit Cup

    Fruit Cup

    A Camden Town Brewery, Beavertown + Garage Project collaboration. It's summer in a glass.

    • Saison
    • 5.4% vol.
    • IBU 17
  • Strawberry Hells Forever

    Strawberry Hells Forever

    Our classic Hells Lager recipe with loads of hand picked strawberries making for a crisp, sharp finish.

    • Lager
    • 5.3% vol.
    • IBU 43
  • Black Friday

    Black Friday

    Starting dark, but finishing light. It's lager but different.

    • Pilsner
    • 5.4% vol.
    • IBU 40
  • One Hells Of A Beaver

    One Hells Of A Beaver

    Together with our pals at Beavertown, we've taken their Gamma Ray recipe and brewed a lager with it, throwing in a few extra hops for fun.

    • Lager
    • 5.2% vol.
    • IBU 55
  • Pumpkin Spiced Lager

    Pumpkin Spiced Lager

    Containing 90kg of real baked pumpkin as cooked by the whole Camden Town Brewery team, just in time for Halloween.

    • Lager
    • 5.2% vol.
    • IBU 16
  • Camden Versus Mohawk Black IPL

    Camden Versus Mohawk Black IPL

    A black lager with the hop profile of an IPA, brewed with our Swedish pals at Mohawk Brewery

    • Black IPL
    • 5.8% vol.
    • IBU 65
  • Camden x Kernel x Partizan

    Camden x Kernel x Partizan

    A collaboration with two of our favourite London breweries, the Kernel and Partizan. Tangy, herbal + sweet.

    • Wit
    • 4.8% vol.
    • IBU 22
  • Emperor Nero

    Emperor Nero

    The hoppy guts of an IPA, quadruple dry-hopped with dark roasted malts.

    • Black IPL
    • 5.8% vol.
    • IBU 58
  • God Save The Elk

    God Save The Elk

    Made with our Swedish home-away-from-home, the Flying Elk, it's a pale hoppy ale fermented with a Belgian yeast strain.

    • Pale Ale
    • 4.8% vol.
    • IBU 41
  • Camden Versus Petrus

    Camden Versus Petrus

    Here's a Belgian take on the black stuff brewed with our friends from Brouwerij De Brabandere.

    • Stout
    • 6% vol.
    • IBU 45
  • Indian Summer Lager

    Indian Summer Lager

    The beer that inspired our India Hells Lager. We didn't want to let this one go. Big + bold + citrusy.

    • IHL
    • 6.2% vol.
    • IBU 52
  • Alsace Alt

    Alsace Alt

    Combining the hops from an awesome supplier in the Alsace region of France with a Düsseldorf Altbier style.

    • Altbier
    • 4.6% vol.
    • IBU 38
  • Camden Versus Odell

    Camden Versus Odell

    A Camden take on Odell's Cutthroat porter - same malts, same hops but brewed as a lager.

    • Porter
    • 7% vol.
    • IBU 28
  • Camden Versus Italy

    Camden Versus Italy

    We did an Italian job on this German classic, with help from our mates Birrificio Italiano, Birra Del Borgo and Brewfist.

    • Marzen
    • 5.8% vol.
    • IBU 45
  • Pete Versus The World

    Pete Versus The World

    Pete's 8.1% Double IPA brewed with Centennial, Citra, Amarillo and Cascade. Deeply hopped and fruity.

    • IPA
    • 8.18% vol.
    • IBU 50
  • Camden 1908

    Camden 1908

    It’s a resurrection of a London Pale Ale recipe from 1908, the year of the first Olympics in the city.

    • Pale Ale
    • 5% vol.
    • IBU 36
  • Camden Rude Boy

    Camden Rude Boy

    Hells Lager and Modus Hoperandi combined into one super beer. HOPS HOPS HOPS.

    • Lager
    • 6.8% vol.
    • IBU 68
  • Camden USA Hells Lager

    Camden USA Hells Lager

    This takes our classic lager and slams Stateside hops at it. Juicy, citrus and fresh.

    • Lager
    • 4.6% vol.
    • IBU 26
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