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Zeus, simcoe & centennial

Pils Lager

This is the beer of summer.

This beer is fresh, piney and hoppy. By piney, we don’t mean you’re lost deep in the woods. More like you’re downwind of a pine forest and happen to get a nice whiff. Perfect for sunny days, whether in a beer garden or down your local wooded area.

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Camden Pils Lager

We dry hop it

By which we mean we chuck in loads more hops after fermentation for an increased aromatic kick. Sort of like adding a sprig of coriander before serving a meal. But for beer.

Camden Pils Lager

Lager, with American hops

We’ve always liked making European-inspired lagers with American hops. It all goes back to a beer we brewed called USA Hells.

Camden Pils Lager

Not quite Pilsner

We love Pilsners. They’re one of the styles that inspired our Hells lager. But when we finally got round to brewing our own Pilsner, we couldn’t resist adding some American hops to the mix.

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