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Or in other words, are you of legal drinking age? We have to ask because it’s the law. Just so you know.

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Pilsner, Carapils, Munich, Wheat


Magnum, Chinook, Simcoe, Mosaic

Show Off Lager

The look-at-me lager

Lager’s typecast as refreshing, but capable of so much more. We’re proud to show off all the things our favourite beer style can be. Crisp and clean, of course, but also hoppy and juicy, like this little number. Ta-da!

I need this beer
Camden Show Off Lager

The artist formerly known as...

Puff Daddy to P. Diddy, Snoop Dog to Snoop Lion, IHL to Show Off. It’s time for a change - Show Off’s self-titled debut album is out now.

Camden Show Off Lager

What do you mean, juicy?

Not the ‘with or without pulp’ kind of juicy, nor the couture. This beer’s juicy because it’s packed full of hops which show off it’s stone fruit and citrus flavours..

Camden Show Off Lager

Lager in the limelight

Call us lager’s hype men (and women) because we can’t stop talking about how great it is. No more hiding behind IPAs and Pale Ales, it’s lager’s time to shine.

Fruit Country Sour Ale

Read more about Fruit Country, our 3.5% fruity tropical sour ale brewed by the team here under the arches in Camden.

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