Camden Wheat

Camden Wheat
Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 5%
IBU: 15
Malt: Wheat, Munich, Cara Light, Pale Ale and Roast
Hops: Hallertauer Tradition
Available: 30 litre kegs and 330ml bottles

The story: This is the short version of the story… We went to Germany to look for a supplier for our brewery. While there we met brewer Alios Unertl and drank lots of his delicious wheat beer. ‘When you get your brewery started, I’ll come and see you!’ Alios said. A few days after our first brew, he knocked on the door. ‘Let’s make a wheat beer!’ he said. And we did!

The taste: The yeast makes this one special. It’s unfiltered and hazy, with that yeast giving a beautiful aroma of banana, bubble gum and vanilla. There’s toffee in the body, but it’s never sweet, and it ends with a quenching, peppery finish.