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Questions and Answers

When did the brewery start?

We started working on the idea at the end of 2009 before moving into the railway arches in Camden Town at the beginning of 2010. We sold our very first beer in July 2010.

Who started it and why?

Short story: Jasper Cuppaidge. Decent beer

Long story: Jasper Cuppaidge started Camden Town Brewery after being unable to find locally brewed beers that he liked. At the time, he was working at The Horseshoe in Hampstead, brewing cask beer in the cellar.

However, when it came to the other taps on the bar (like the lager, wheat beer, pale ales and so on), Jasper couldn’t find any he liked locally and had to order them from elsewhere. So he decided to start the brewery that made those beers. And that’s how Camden Town Brewery was born.

Where are you based?

Under eight big railway arches in Camden where we’ve been brewing since 2010, and we’ve just opened our second brewery in Enfield, North London.

What beers do you brew?

Our classic beers which are brewed all year-round are our Hells Lager, Pale Ale, Ink, Gentleman’s Wit, IHL and Pils. We also have a wide range of limited edition beers that we brew throughout the year. These can be any style depending on what’s influencing us and what we fancy drinking. Find out more about our ‘Occasional Beers’ here.

How many people work at Camden Town?

At the moment, it’s around 200 people. That includes our brewers, packaging chaps, delivery guys, office crew and bar staff. We’re always expanding and you can check out our current jobs right here.

Where can I drink your beer?

You can find our beer all over London in bottles and keg. We’re stocked in around 600 pubs, bars and restaurants so you should be able to find us somewhere local. Outside of London, you can find our beer in Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh and more. You can also find it in Sweden, Paris and New York.

Why is there a castle in your logo?

Back in the Camden of the 1800s, navvies from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland wanted beer after a hard day’s work building the railway network. But one too many pints led to one too brawls in the North London bars so something had to be done. Bring on Windsor Castle, Edinboro Castle, Pembroke Castle and Dublin Castle - a pub and castle for each nation to stop the fighting in the streets. Our castle represents this story of beer and boozers in our borough of Camden.

What's the deal with the Camden Brewery Bar?

Lots as it happens. We have multiple taps of brewery-fresh beer behind the bar and street food traders taking over our pop up kitchen outside. We open 1pm - 10pm Sunday to Thursday, 1pm - 11pm on Friday and 11am - 9pm on Saturday. We have a full line up of our classic beers, seasonal specials and single batch brews alongside some beers from our pals - not to mention a fridge filled with bottles and cans. We also have a growler station and a vintage video games machine which gets new old games every month. A few times a year, we also hold special events here.

Wait – what's a growler station?

It’s where we fill growlers. A growler is a large glass container that can be filled with fresh draft beer. They are filled under pressure so stay fresh for weeks. And the best thing is they are refillable, so you can come in, buy a growler, go home and drink it and then return and get a refill and repeat as often as you like.

Do you bottle your beer?

Yes, we do. We have a bottling line here at the Wilkin Street Mews brewery where we bottle our Hells Lager, Pale Ale, Gentleman’s Wit and Pils Lager as well as some of the limited release beers. Our new bottling line up in Enfield will be taking the load off the packaging team here at Camden too.

But don't you have cans as well?

We do. And we happen to believe that cans have an unnecessarily bad reputation so we want to change that. Cans are lightweight (so easier to carry home). They protect our beer against sunlight, the seal is great for keeping out oxygen, they don’t smash and they are easily recyclable too. They do not make our beer taste metallic. We repeat. They do not make our beer taste metallic. It tastes just as good as what’s in the tank or the bottle. Try a can and let us know what you think.

Why do you make lager?

The brewery started because we couldn’t find a lager we loved in London. Inspired by the lagers we’ve tried in Germany, we wanted to brew a high-quality beer that proved that lager is so much more than tasteless, fizzy and all the other bad press it often gets.

Isn't lager tasteless?

You are drinking the wrong lager, my friend. Try a Hells.

Is all your beer made in Camden?

Our beers are brewed in our little brewery in Camden and our bigger brewery 12 miles north in Enfield, North London.

Is your beer pasteurised?

Nope. We filter Hells Lager and Pale Ale but they are never pasteurised. Not now, not ever.

Is your beer vegetarian or vegan?

Yes and yes. We don’t use any finings in our beer so it’s fine for vegetarians and vegans to drink.

What makes your beer different?

Quality, consistency and drinkability. We only make great beers that people want to drink.

Why should I drink Camden Town beer?

Do you like beer? Do you like beer that tastes great? You do? Then you should drink Camden Town beer. Our beer is always delivered fresh and we use the best ingredients we can find to make it. We love what we do and what we brew. If we didn’t, it wouldn’t be in our bottles.

What future plans do you have?

Having already outgrown our Camden railway arches, so we’ve built a second brewery over in Enfield. We’ll still be brewing in our Wilkin Street Mews Brewery. Having another brewery just means we’ll be able to brew more beer. Which can only be a good thing. You can read more about our new brewery here.