Gentleman’s Wit Brewday

Posted on Nov 19

Today we’re brewing Gentleman’s Wit, our lemon and bergamot witbier.

Above is the wheat, which makes up around half of the grain bill. Below is the grain firing into the mash tun at the start of the brew. From here, once all of the good stuff has been sucked out of the grain, the liquid (called wort) will be transferred to the lauter tun where the liquid and grain separate. Then the wort kicks into the kettle, comes up to the boil and we add Perle hops, which give a great lemony, peppery depth. Out of the kettle and into the whirlpool, we add the lemon peel before cooling the brew down and passing it into the fermentation tank and pitching in the distinctive witbier yeast which gives a citrusy-spicy background.

While the brew gets going, we’ve got a small oven in the brewery to roast the lemons in little batches. This long, slow roasting caramelises all the juicy, sharp flavours and gives a fantastic lemon meringue pie depth to the beer. Later, after the beer has fermented, we blend in bergamot for that fragrant, floral freshness.

Today, while we brew, we’re drinking lemonade made by Ben (the brewer in the red hoody) with the juices from the lemons which are slow roasting.

And to provide the soundtrack, we mashed in to Booker T & The MG’s. The dance moves below are pretty close to how things roll in the brewery every day.

And one last bit of news… Gentleman’s Wit is becoming a permanent beer in our range from 2013!