Gentleman’s Wit

Style: Belgian-style Wit brewed with roasted lemons and bergamot
ABV: 4.3%
IBU: 20
Malt: Wheat, pale
Hops: Perle

A Belgian brew with an English accent. Classic white beer spiked with roasted lemons and fragrant with bergamot.

Taste: Cloudy pale yellow with a fluffy foam, there’s fragrant lemon and bergamot and a smooth, full body with a spicy finish.

The story: It started as a one-off brew: Imagine how good a wit would taste with slow-roasted lemons giving their caramelised pithy sweetness and sharp citrus juice, plus the floral freshness of bergamot. We loved it so we brewed it again. And again. And now it’s brewed all the time.

Roasted lemons ready to go!