We need to build a new brewery and want you to be a part of it

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Investments of this nature carry risks as well as potential rewards. Please #InvestAware.
Approved as a financial promotion by Crowdcube Ventures Limited.

We began brewing lager in 2000, and started full production as Camden Town Brewery in 2010.

From an original staff of 3 people, we now employ 60 people from 20 different nationalities.

In 2006 we sold 15,000 pints

In 2014 we sold 7.5 million pints

Our forecast in 2020 is to sell

4​0 million pints

So, that’s where we are

We’ve outgrown our home here in Camden and need to continue on our quest:

  • To make lager distinctive
  • To make lager great

But now we need to take things to the next level and find the perfect place to build a new Brewery

To do this, we want friends old and new to invest

We want you all to become a ‘Hells Raiser’

Not only will all Hells raiser’s get equity in the brewery, rewards are up for grabs too!

Drag the slider to see the rewards

If you invest £10 you become a member of the First Circle of ‘Hells Raiser’. This means you have taken your first step towards salvation and in addition to the accompanying warm feeling you get a specially patented ‘Hells high-five’ from any bartender of your choice.

With an investment of £100 you get a ‘Founders card’ and become a member of the Second Circle of Hells Raiser. To accompany your escape from the dark woods you get a special limited edition bottle of beer known as a Hells Raiser. Plus you get 5% off all Camden beers at any of our owned bars and an invite to the Camden Town Brewery Annual General Meeting which is a lot more exciting and full of beer than it sounds.

If you invest £1000 you become a member of the mysterious (and exciting) Third Circle of Hells Raiser. No longer do you have to live in the shadow of the worm monster or lie in an icy slush, instead you get invited to our bi-annual parties packed full of free beer and good vibes. You also get 10% off all beer and food at our bars, and all merchandise sold through our website. You also get priority notification when we release all single batch or new release beer.

With £5000 invested, a celestial light will propel you into the Fourth Circle of Hells Raiser. Once you become a member of this exclusive club you get all of the benefits of all of the other circles of Hells Raiser plus an invitation to become take part in the Annual Hells Raiser Brew day. This special day is where you get a real insight into how we make our beer; because you’re going to be brewing your own. In addition to this, your name will be engraved on the Hell Raiser club tank of fame.

With a £10,000 investment, you get released from your eternal torment and delivered into the Fifth Circle of Hells Raiser, also known as the Silverback Hells Raiser Club. You are given all of the above benefits but we’ll keep your soul quenched with a fresh case of beer (of your choice) delivered straight to your earthly door (if you are outside the UK then you have to come and visit us). Added to that you get a 10% discount on all beer and food either from one of our pubs or from our website.

If you invest £20,000 you are fully plunged into the Sixth Circle of Hells Raiser. In addition to the above benefits, you are destined sufficiently worthy to be given your own Hells Stein (a big tankard of great beer) which is held in pride of place, hanging above our one of our bars in Camden. The first fill is on us and we’d suggest that that the Hells Stein is the perfect place to recant your unpardonable sins and begin your ascension back to heaven.

For a £100,000 investment you no longer have to dwell in the rings of outer darkness. In addition to the benefits set out above, you will be anointed the special possessor of Hells and you will become one of the inhabitors of the Seventh Circle of Hells Raiser. This means we will bring the party to you; beer, music and food for you and 50 friends. Name the place and we will bring the taps and our mega-equipped van right to your front door (or wherever you want the party). Suffer no more, salvation (in the form of high quality lager) is yours!

If you invest £250,000 then you have been sucked into the Eighth Circle of Hells Raiser. In addition to the above benefits from 20,000 and below, you and three fellow underworld adventurers will be taken on a 3 day European odyssey where you will get to visit some of the German breweries that inspired us. Whip out your basic German dictionary, put on your lederhosen and become acquainted with the varied ways of the sausage - we’re going to Bavaria!

Supersmash! Whallop! Bang-supersmash! You are the king. You are a primary member of the Ninth Circle of Hells Raiser. In addition to the benefits up to £20,000 you get your name on your own tank and your own personalised lorry (with a monogrammed engraving). You get a fresh case of beer with your own engraving delivered every month.

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Investments of this nature carry risks as well as potential rewards. Please #InvestAware.
Approved as a financial promotion by Crowdcube Ventures Limited.