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Packaging and Maintenance Team Leader - Kentish Town


This role is responsible for ensuring that packaging operations at HQ1 across all pack types (keg, can and bottle) are completed safely, to the highest quality and on time. 

The role also encompasses maintenance for the brewery equipment at HQ1 and as such will work closely with all the Production team to ensure all equipment is available to complete production as required.

Key Responsibilities

Responsible for packaging and maintenance areas

Ensure safety, housekeeping and quality standards and procedures are adhered to at all times.  You must ensure your safety and the safety of others during the course of your duties

Cleaning and general housekeeping; you must maintain a clean environment for the production of beer.

Comply with all govt. regulations required in food production facilities

Plan daily packaging operations and assist with activities to ensure production plan is met at the right quality standard. 

Work with the Head Brewer and the Brewing Team Leader to ensure Required production plan are met.

Execute all packaging operations as required to ensure production is completed to plan.  Troubleshoot and repair breakdowns where necessary to ensure the line is available to run.

Manage stocks and ordering for packaging operations.

Ensure all paperwork and QC checks are completed in-full to an acceptable standard.  Report out of specification product where applicable to the Head Brewer.

Lead the Shift Brewers to ensure that the team is fully

skilled to complete packaging operations safely, accurately and in a timely fashion.

Manage packaging materials and utilities usage to minimise losses and ensure all materials are available as required.  Ensure stocktakes are completed to assist with this.

Perform routine maintenance of brewing, packaging equipment and utilities; understand and plan/complete overall brewery maintenance as required.

Represent the company at external events and be a proud ambassador for Camden Town Brewery and the beers made

Assist the Head Brewer with quality compliance projects and be an active member of continuous improvement teams as necessary.

Specific skills, education and experience desired for the role include:

Strong engineering/mechanical skills, the ability to understand, troubleshoot, repair and plan maintenance activities is a key part of this role.

A hands on plant aptitude is a must.

Excellent problem solving skills.

Must possess a passion for the Brewing Industry in order to understand and implement the required quality standard.

Working knowledge of beverage packaging operations is an asset

Knowledge of quality control and assurance processes

Strong leadership skills.

Relevant technical or trade qualification, e.g. mechanical, electrical, is strongly desired due to the troubleshooting and maintenance operations required as part of the role.


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