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2016 - Dark Year, Dark Beer

Each year we brew a beer that sums up the past 12 months, and this one happens to be dark. 2016, it’s been… great but we can’t wait to see the back of you. Just before you go we’re going to say farewell the right way - with beer.

Between 28-31 December we’re going to be bringing the festive cheer in the form of beer by giving away 50 bottles of our barrel aged Beer 2016 each day at both Camden’s Daughter in Kentish Town and The Horseshoe, Hampstead.

Want in? (Of course you do)

All you need to do is come up to the bars at Camden’s Daughter and The Horseshoe and whisper to whoever’s behind the bar “2016 - Dark Year, Dark Beer” and just like magic a bottle of our barrel aged beer of the year will be yours. Remember, you need to be within the first 50 people each day to get your bottle too, so come early to not miss out.

Have it to drink in with your pals or take home to enjoy with the Christmas leftovers. We recommend cracking this one open at 11:54pm on the December 31st and sharing amongst your pals to say farewell to the year (with beer.) Not in London? Order yours now online from Beer Hawk and get 25% off your bottle by entering the code ‘darkyeardarkbeer’.

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