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Camden Home Brew Lager

PIZZA? Check.
BEER? Check.
Okay, we’re good.

The secret’s out - we love pizza almost as much as we do beer. When our pals at Homeslice asked us to brew a lager for their pizzas, we happily consumed many an inspirational slice. Of course, we couldn’t wait to make this beer’n'pizza collaboration happen.

“This beer is made to go with pizza”

Not just the taste, but the whole experience.
The topping-choosing, box-opening, no-knives-and-forks-needed, that’s-my-slice joy of it. An experience bets paired with a crisp, easy-drinking lager, because where there’s pizza, there should always be beer, and luckily, at Homeslice, there’s plenty of both.

All that delicious dough, cheese and tomato sauce inspired this fresh and crisp Pilsner-based lager. But the thing is, there’s no ingredients list on the can because like Homeslice, we’ll tweak our beer recipe seasonally, so next time there might be different malts or hops in the beer to compliment your pizza. What a duo, eh?


Coming soon to a Homeslice near you this November the 19th.
Want unlimited pizza with your beer? (obviously, YES!)
Homeslice have teamed up with Time Out London to bring you 3 nights of pizza madness, to celebrate the launch of Home Brew Lager. Get your tickets ‘ere.

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