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It’s Flue Faker time

Camden’s favourite smoked lager is BACK.

Our Flue Faker has hit the tanks and is ready to launch this spring.

We first brewed this smoky one back in 2014, bringing it back last year to kick off our single batch seasonal beers. This year it’s returning in all of it’s clean, dry and smoky glory - ready for you to drink come rain or come shine (you know how this British weather is in springtime…).

In Bamberg, where we get our pilsner malt, our friends at Brauerei Spezial smoke grain over beechwood fires to make their famous Rauchbier, and share a little of the good stuff with us each year to make Flue Faker. You could say they’re malty talented.

How do you brew a smoked beer, you say?

Rather than sticking the bottles on a barbecue or hanging them upside down in a shed like salmons, you just need to get your hands on some smoked malt. We use a little bit of beechwood-smoked pilsner to give Flue Faker a subtle richness, that’s not head-over-a-chimney smoky, but has a whiff of woodsmoke.

And you know what they say, there’s no smoke without fire. Smoky beer used to be more commonplace as not everyone had kilns to make their malt, so grain was dried over open fires. Now it’s a bit more unusual, but don’t let that put you off – give the smoke a try.

So just how smoky is Flue Faker? If you find full on smoke a bit much, forget smoky bacon crisps and think about how food always tastes a bit better barbecued. That’s the smoky sweet spot where you’ll find Flue Faker – and it tastes pretty good with a barbecue too. If that’s not a smoke signal, then we don’t know what is.

Our first seasonal of the year has been illustrated by Bristol based artist Adam Higton, combining his folky woodland creature style with a bit of German inspiration on our screenprinted bottles.

Flue Faker launches at the start of April - so join us for some beer and BBQ and keep your eyes peeled for the party.

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