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Bridging the Gap

When you think about Camden Town, you think about the Camden Lock bridge.

Painted by artist John Bulley more than 25 years ago, what started as “just another job” with a week-long turnaround has now become a symbol of pride in the place we call home.

We asked John to recreate his original design for us, to bring a bit of Camden to our new brewery in Enfield.

“Camden has always been about individuality and difference.”

We sat down with John and a beer at his studio to chat the story behind the original, the history of Camden, and what it means today.

“Painting the Camden Lock bridge has has an amazing impact on my life” he says. “And I’ve milked it as much as I can, obviously!”

Check out the docu-short in full above.

John Bulley's Camden Lock bridge designs from 1989.

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