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Ripe for the picking


We have a confession. Strawberry Hells isn’t really forever. Because we brew this beer with British strawberries, we can only make it in the summer. So while it’s tart, crisp and well rounded, it’s not around for long. We could have called it ‘Strawberry Hells sometimes’ but it didn’t have the same ring to it.

Crisp, refreshing lager meets juicy British strawberries. Jasper was laughed out of the brewery when he first suggested making this. Pink, strawberry-flavoured lager? Come on! It sounded ridiculous. So of course, we did it, and three years on, it’s still going strong. Just think of our Hells Lager, with a slight hint of fresh strawberries.

Try the beer first (on us!)

We’re taking to the bar with our new beer so you guys can try it. Find us here, with beer, on us!
- Wednesday 4th July at The Perseverance in Holborn, 6pm.
- Thursday 5th July at The Wenlock Arms in Hoxton, 6:30pm.
- Friday 6th July at our Camden Brewery Bar, 7pm.

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