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At the Brooklyn Brewery’s London Mash event at the end of April we, along with our friends from Beavertown, Brewdog, James Clay and Magic Rock, announced the upcoming formation of United Craft Brewers – an association of British craft brewers. This association is important because, as Jasper has said, “Craft beer is becoming more and more important to people across the UK and it’s something that pubs are looking for to succeed.”

The goal for UCB is to promote and protect the interests of British craft brewers, their beers and you guys – the community of beer enthusiasts. How we all do that is something we need to think about together, and we don’t just mean the five members who started this conversation. We need to hear from brewers, beer distributors and enthusiasts from across the country on where you see the future of craft beer in the UK and how you think we can ensure that we can get there in a supportive way that helps all of us succeed, while continuing to make great beer. That’s why www.unitedcraftbrewers.com was set up: to put out an open invitation to all of you to join a conversation in September to discuss how your brewery or business can be a part of the journey to educate, promote and protect quality British beer.

Talking together with Beavertown, Brewdog, James Clay and Magic Rock, we have all said how great it’s been to have such a positive initial response from all of you. We’re excited to see where this will take us – sign on for September and let’s start talking beer!

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