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Want to brew a beer with Camden?

Everyone has a beer in them. Everyone’s a brewer. Every beer (could) be famous for 15 minutes.

Would you like to brew your own beer on our state of the art modern brew kit, with the help of our Head Brewer (Master of Beer)? Want to work with our marketing team to design the artwork and branding of the beer and even some merchandise? Keen to serve the beer at the UK’s biggest beer festival in London?

We’re offering one aspiring brewer the opportunity to make his or her own beer at our brewery (no experience necessary) then serve it at Craft Beer Rising Festival at the Old Truman Brewery in London’s Brick Lane. You’ll have full support all along the way from the Camden Beer Team, in everything from the recipe of your beer to the name and branding design, and then the next bit is up to you.

It might be the start of a new career; a passion for life or it might just be a great way to spend a few Saturday afternoons.

Brew your beer idea with us

Come along to brew with us at Camden on Wednesday 1st February
This gives us enough time to make whatever beer you like (within reason). You’ll spend the day with our brewers making the beer, as well as some time talking to our design team to create your beer’s brand. We’ll pay any transport costs within the UK to get you to us.

Join us at Craft Beer Rising Festival on Saturday 25th of February
It’s the big day! This is when you’ll be sharing your beer with the 10,000 attendees of CBR. We’ll bring your beer in kegs, and all the branding we designed on your brew day, and we’ll be tapping your very first keg at 12pm sharp - all you need to do is turn up ready to talk about your beer.

Your beer will then be available on the taps at our bars Camden’s Daughter and The Horseshoe, with all profits going to a charity of your choice - so you can invite your pals over to try the beer that you made whilst being an honorary member of the Camden Beer Team.

Fancy it?

To enter:
First, tell us the name of your beer and what it will be like.
Use whatever means gets your idea across best. We don’t need a full-on brew sheet or home brew sample (though those are good too), you can use a beer-inspired interpretive dance if that’s the best way to show your creativity. READ A FULL GUIDE TO YOUR ENTRY HERE.
Next, send your recipe/dance/film/drawing to us by Midnight on Wednesday 25th January
You can tweet us your ideas, show us what you’ve got on Instagram, hit us up on email, share your creation on Facebook or come along to our bars and perform your concept in mime - we want to hear what you’ve got. Make sure to use the hashtag #YourBeerHere and tag in your entries so we can see your creation.
Your entries will go to a panel of judges in our Beer Team, and we’ll announce the winner on Thursday 26th January. So, what are you waiting for?

Get the beer ideas flowing and check out the submissions as they go live on Twitter here.

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