What's your age again?

Before we get to the good stuff, we have to make sure you're of legal drinking age. Check your ID. Text a friend. Call your parents. Don't worry, we'll wait.

  • 17 Feb

    Camden Shout: The Woodbine, Highbury

    Beer on us from 8pm until the keg kicks

  • 16 Feb

    Camden Shout: The Birdcage, E2

    We're here with beer (on us) from 7pm!

  • 21 Jan

    Camden Shout: Juno, Bath

    The beer's on us until the keg kicks!

  • 20 Jan

    Camden Shout: Draft House Westbridge

    The beer's on us from 5pm until the keg kicks.

  • 09 Jan

    Camden Shout: Draft House Seething EC3

    The beer's on up for the re-opening from 5pm

  • 08 Dec

    Camden Shout at The Last Days of Shoreditch