It started at The Horseshoe in Hampstead, North London, where Jasper Cuppaidge brewed beneath the pub. From there we moved up out of the cellars, down the road and into railway arches in Camden Town.

That was early in 2010. We converted seven old Victorian arches and installed a beautiful modern brewery, made by Braukon in Germany. We developed our ideas into recipes and sold our first beers into London in the summer of 2010. Camden Town Brewery was out there.

Why we did it and why Camden Town

When ordering beers for the Horseshoe we had to get the lager and wheat beer from Germany and the pale ales from America. Why wasn’t anyone making them in London? Why couldn’t we get great examples of those beers made around the corner from us?

So we decided to be the one to do it; to make the beers we really wanted to drink and to do it in Camden Town.

The brewery was going to be called Mac’s, named after Jasper’s grandfather, but a brewery in New Zealand had already trademarked it. Sitting at the computer, Jasper started typing in web addresses. Having lived in Camden for years, that was where he started and was free… We had a name!

McLaughlin’s Brewery

From 1910-1960, Laurie McLaughlin, Jasper’s grandfather, ran McLaughlin’s Brewery (Mac’s) in Rockhampton, Australia. When he died, his daughter, Patricia, inherited the brewery and pub estate.

Patricia was young when this happened and she passed on the management, and then later the ownership of McLaughlin’s, to Carlton & United. A few years later, for Patricia’s 50th birthday, Jasper recreated Mac’s beer for his mum in the cellar of the Horseshoe and that’s when it all started…

Why the Camden Town Castle


It’s Camden Town. The 1800s. Navvies from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland wanted beer after their days spent building the railway network. But too many pints led to brawls in the North London bars. Bring on Windsor Castle, Edinboro Castle, Pembroke Castle and Dublin Castle. A pub and tower for each nation to stop the fighting in the streets. Fast-forward 200 years. Now there’s another tower. One making the beer. Beer to fight for. In Camden Town.