"I started out by making beer in the basement of my pub, the Horseshoe, for fun. Not many other people were really doing this at the time" – Jasper Cuppaidge, Founder

“Plus, my mum had a big birthday coming up. Her dad – my grandfather – had owned a brewery back in Australia and as a present I recreated the beer that they had brewed. Then I realized I really enjoyed it. Which raised the question, how could we keep doing it? How could we make beer that people would want?

Simultaneously, as a pub owner I was getting frustrated that the beer styles I liked – particularly lager – were getting short shrift in the beer market. Most of what was available was bland and fizzy and anything half decent was imported, expensive and seen as a bit exclusive. No wonder lager had a bad name. So I made that my goal. To make lager, to make lager better, to make lager recognisable and to make lager great!”

Why Camden Town?

“When I started the brewery I lived in Camden and I wanted to be able to walk to work. I typed the domain name camdentownbrewery.com into google and nothing came up so I bought it immediately. Just like that, we had a name and a location.

We never stop being inspired by our surroundings. Being able to walk into Camden, see all the people, shops, bars, food stalls and then come back to the brewery is part of what makes the location so right for us. We moved into our Victorian Railway arches in 2010 and have been there ever since.

Why Brew Lager?

“We’ve always known the DNA of what beer we wanted to make. When you first started thinking about starting a brewery, the beer was the first idea. You know what beer you want to make. Our aspiration has always been lager. We make – and love – a lot of other beer styles too, but this is the one we keep coming back to.

When you’re brewing lager, there’s nowhere to hide. You can’t hide it through hops, yeast or grain. Great lager is a balanced alignment of these profiles so getting it right is a slow progress. We still work tirelessly on making Hells Lager right, even though we brew it every week, we are always monitoring it and improving it little steps at a time.”

– Jasper Cuppaidge, Founder