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Lager Bier






Pilsner, Wheat


Perle, Hallertauer Tradition, Spalter Select

Spezial Hells Lager Bier

Spezial Hells Lager Bier

It’s no secret our Hells is the lovechild of Helles and Pilsner, but did you know Helles has a bigger, brother, Spezial? It’s the beer to order in a German beer hall when you want something fancier.

We can’t get enough of it, which inspired us to brew our own Spezial take on Hells lager. A bit stronger, with more floral and spicy noble hop character and that crisp Hells finish.

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Camden Spezial Hells Lager Bier

Arch 55

Seasonals, specials, innovations, whatever you want to call them, we’re doing a lot more small batch beers in 2018, so consider Spezial Hells the first of many in our new Arch 55 series.

Camden Spezial Hells Lager Bier

A Spezial Something

So what is a Spezial? There are no hard and fast rules, just think everything you love about Helles amped up a bit. It used to be an Export strength version of Helles but we’re not sending this away - we’re keeping it right here to drink.

Camden Spezial Hells Lager Bier

Spezially Selected

As well as Hallertauer Tradition and Perle (the hops we use in Hells), Spezial also contains Spalter Select, a modern German hop, bred to contain the finest Noble hop characteristics. How spezial!

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