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Never Pasteurised Pale Ale






Pilsner, Wheat, Light Crystal, Munich


Perle, Simcoe, Citra

Pale Ale

We love our American cousins

But sometimes they can be kind of full on. So we’ve crafted this beer to more British tastes. Made with American hops, it’s still got all the punch of a pale ale. Just less shouty.

We don’t need no pasteurisation.
We like it better that way.
Why? Look it up and find it out.
(Hint: it’s why our beer tastes so FRESH.)

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Camden Pale Ale


Each year, we head over to America for the hop harvest to choose the freshest Simcoe and Citra hops. That’s so we know we’re getting the best from the crop for our Pale Ale.

Camden Pale Ale

Full of inner strength

Lots of Pale Ales are really strong, ours is a drinkable 4%. It might not be strong in ABV, but we like to think we have inner strength.

Camden Pale Ale

Inspired by our heroes

Pale Ale is a traditional English style. Our favourite American brewers make their version of the beer, but with American hops. Our Pale is a take on their take on the English one. Phew!

Big on your hops? Right this way…