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With great beer comes great responsibility

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CFO: Chief Freshness Officer

Unlike some other breweries, we NEVER pasteurise our beer. That’s why it tastes Fresh as Hells.  We’re so passionate about it we’ve even run a nationwide TV campaign to let everyone know about the perils of pasteurisation. And now we need you. Yes you!

We’re on the hunt for a Chief Freshness Officer to make sure that we continue to not do, the one thing we said we’d never do: Pasteurise our beer.

No experience in the beer industry, or any other industry, required. Just a love of fresh-tasting beer and birth certificate that says you’re over 25.

Sounds too good to be true ?’s not!

As our new, salaried, CFO your responsibilities will include:

Home-tasting batches of beer to make sure they’re Fresh as Hells.
Never pasteurising beer. Ever.
Answering “Never!” if anyone asks if Camden Town Brewery should start pasteurising beer.
And that’s kind of it…

If you think you’ve got what it takes to sip fresh beer and get paid to never pasteurise, please hit the link below.

If you’re unsure if you’ve got what it takes to sip fresh beer and get paid to never pasteurise, have a look at the questions below.

Q1: Pasteurisation is essential when:

A) You’re milking cow udders and have to heat up the milk to kill off any bacteria lurking around

B) You run a clean brewery that makes some of the freshest beer in town.

Q2: By never pasteurising our beer, Camden Town Brewery’s beer tastes:


B) Like gravy.

Q3: Here is a tank of fresh-tasting Camden Hells Lager. It’s unpasteurised and ready for the world. Do you:

A) Can it. It’s beautiful.

B) Heat it up, cool it down, heat it up again. It’s only beer. Who cares about the fresh taste.

Q4: Here’s a scenario: You receive a phone call from a young brewer at Camden Town. He’s flustered. He wants to know if he should pasteurise the fresh lager he has before him. He’s called you, the Chief Freshness Officer, to ask for advice. Do you:

A) Tell him to calm down. Camden never pasteurise beer and that’s why it tastes fresh as Hells.

B) Panic. Grab your coat and tell him you’ll be at the brewery as quick as you can to help him begin heating up the beer.

Think you’ve got the right answers? To apply, shoot us an email to apply at [email protected]om

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