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5 U.S. breweries we're thankful for

Here at Camden Town Brewery we’re so proud to be serving our beer alongside loads of top notch American breweries. Our over seas friends make really great beer so whilst they’re celebrating Thanksgiving we’d though we’d celebrate them! Here’s 5 US breweries that we’re thankful for:

Ska Brewing, Colorado
One of our firm favourites, and in 2012 we were lucky enough to brew ‘Rude Boy Lager’ with these guys. Their can range is even available in the fridge at our Brewery Bar to drink in or take away.
We recommend: Euphoria Pale - Sessional, seasonal and delicious. The perfect winter pale to start off your day and to carry on with throughout the night. Lots of grapefruit aroma with a bold dry hopped finish.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, California
Our reliable saviour - Like Camden Hells, their beer is available at supermarkets across the UK so you can always get something good on your weekly run for groceries, or when you need something to accompany your takeout pizza.
We recommend: Pale Ale - Tough enough to stand up against your cranberry sauce, whilst complimenting your turkey.

Surly Brewing Co, Minnesota
When a home brewer and a head brewer collide to make one award winning super brewery, these guys are just as good as their beer!
We recommend: West Coast IPA - Something bold to cleanse the palate. It’s light, refreshing + bursting with fresh hop aroma.

Odell Brewing Co, Colorado
In 2013 we joined with Doug Odell to brew ‘Camden Versus Odell Baltic Porter’, interpreting their Cutthroat Porter using similar hops and malts then fermenting it as a lager, the outcome was sensational.
We recommend: 90 Shillings, a smooth + light amber ale. It’s Malty + nutty, with hints of toffee and brown sugar, definitely one to try with a pumpkin or pecan pie.

Brooklyn Brewery, New York
Inspired by beer from the UK, ‘Brooklyn Lager’ was made which shaped the lager brewing industry in the US. On December 3rd we’ll be launching our Beer 2015 at their sister brewery, Nya Carnegiebryggeriet in Sweden too! Find out more here.
We recommend: Black Chocolate Stout. A perfect way to round off an evening. Drink by the fire, with a bowl of vanilla ice-cream and an espresso. You can also get the brewery’s original recipe for their Imperial Stout Float is available here.

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