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Alsace Alt and Camden Town beer in Australia


This week it’s the Great Australasian SpecTAPular (24-26 May) in Melbourne and we’re at the festival with a beer we’ve brewed for the event: Alsace Alt.

The recipe was designed by head brewer Alex Troncoso and he explains it like this… “I really love Düsseldorf and their Altbiers – which is style of dark ale that undergoes a cooler fermentation and longer cold maturation than a normal ale – they are malty yet clean, with good bitterness.  Altbier means “old beer” which is a reference to the fact that at some point in time all of the beer became pale in colour, and that in Düsseldorf they still make “old style” dark beer.  And then I once was sniffing some hops and came across a hop supplier from the Alsace region of France and loved their hops, but never got to use them… until now! So we made a Düsseldorf–style Altbier, with only hops from Alsace.” What you get is a little toasty malt and above it some fragrant, lush and grassy hops, all elegant and clean and simple yet bloody tasty and in keeping with the Düsseldorf classics.

gabsIf you’re in Melbourne then you can drink our beer in a few cool places – the first time we’ve been on tap in the city. The Great Northern Hotel will have bottles of Hells, Pale and USA Hells; the Park Hotel has Ink on tap; and Local Taphouse has bottles of USA Hells and kegs of Gentleman’s Wit. If you fancy a pub crawl then you can try all of the core beers – there’s not much of it, so drink it while you can.

Back in Britain and from Tuesday 28 May Alsace Alt will be available for order – it’s keg only. Give us a call or email [email protected] to get it.

And here’s the beer-nerdy stuff if you want a little more detail on Alsace Alt:

Style: Based on a Dusseldorf-style Altbier
Colour: 45 EBC (dark amber)
Bitterness: 38 IBU
Alcohol: 4.6%
Malts: Pilsner, Munich, Light Crystal and Black Malt
Hops: Bouclier and Aramis (used throughout, including dry hop)


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