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BEER 2020

We’ve got this tradition at Camden, and we’ve been doing it quite a few years now.

Brew a beer early on in the year, find some awesome old barrels to age it in for a good few months, taste it as we go and pop it back in to tank to finish it off. The result? A end of year beer to cheers with! But… 2020, hey? What the F? So, here it is…

Beer 2020 Barrel Aged Imperial Pilsner

In short?  It’s the perfect beer to SEE OFF this year with - and after the year we’ve had, you better believe it’s a good’n. It’s 10%, and in a gold screen printed 750ml sharing bottle designed by our seasonal Design collaborator Gaurab Thakali.

Elegant lager? That’s music to our ears.  From Bebop to bottle top, barrel aging lager might be as off-beat as, well… Jazz Music. So this Imperial Pilsner is prepped for party season, aged for 8 months in white wine and brandy barrels to get that elegant grape flavour.

Like fancy fizz without the fuss. Here for a good time, not a long time and brewed for celebrating.

Available HERE at Waitrose, while stock lasts.
LIVE on the Camden Web Shop now here!


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2021 may be over, but our Barrel Aged Beer 2021 Imperial Pilsner is still as tasty as ever.

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