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Fruit Country

Our latest beer to join the Arch 55 team here at Camden is Fruit Country!

A 3.5% fruity tropical sour ale brewed by the team here under the arches.

The ideas and inspiration for this beer came from no other than our Team Leader here at Kentish, Miki Grena. He made the recipe for last years sour and has been dying to come up with a new recipe since. As this is his beer baby, we caught up with the man himself to find out all about the beer, food pairing and his brew day playlist.

“The idea came from the desire to make a beer with tropical fruit, to honor the great flavors found in Latin America. For me nothing would work so well, and suit these flavors more than a sour.”

“Grilled fish would pair really well as the acidity of the beer helps cleanse the pallet and isn’t overwhelmed by the subtly of the dish.
Also Ceviche would be great - Complimentary acidity, light and fragrant. “

Nujabes - Reflection eternal
Asap Rocky - Praise the Lord
MF Doom - Doomsday
Gramatik - Just Jammin
Kendrick Lamar - Money trees

Next up in Arch 55 is Yeast Lightning!
This beer will be a hoppy IPL. We will be exploring what we can achieve with a new hop product called CRYO hops and a contemporary hopping technique of adding dry hops during active fermentation.  Yeast interacts with the hop compounds in a process called Biotransformation creating new and exciting aromas and flavors from the hops.

The beer will be on at our Camden Brewery Bar until it sells out.

Let us fill you in. It’s our series of one-off, small batch beers brewed in our original brewery under the Railway arches in Camden, and made for serving at our brewery bar (Arch 55) and a few other special places.

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