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Guerrilla Eats: Everything You Need To Know

It’s this Saturday! Yup, just a few short days ‘til the Brewery Bar will be being invaded by the Guerrilla Eats gang, a load of foodie Northerners keen to show our stomachs a good time, Manchester style.

From 1-10pm they’ll be setting up shop along Wilkin Street Mews and plying us with pizza, burgers, hot dogs, BBQ and doughnuts. Yes please. There are no tickets or tokens, just turn up and buy grub – come down early to secure the widest choice of different yummies (these lads have limited portions, you see).

The only question is, which beers should you be pairing with all this lovely lot? Never fear, we’ve done a spot of beer-to-food matching so it’s all taken care of. See below.

Original Patty Men’s Bacon Cheese Burger (maple bacon, American cheese, red onion, lettuce, ketchup, mustard) with USA Hells Lager.

Fire & Salt BBQ Co’s Barbecue Sandwich (Hickory-smoked brisket, pickled coleslaw, Jackalope BBQ sauce on a brioche roll) with Flue Faker Rauchbier.

Dirty Dogs’ CamDog (double smoked frank topped with Camden Pale Ale soaked sauerkraut and classic American mustard) with Camden Pale Ale.

Drum and Baste’s Meaty (salami, sausage, choritzo, olives, mushroom and onion pizza) with Indian Summer Lager.

You Doughnut’s Hot and Fresh Doughnut bites (Cinnamon sugar, warm salted caramel, and toasted pecans) with Camden Hells Lager.

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