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HELLO 2022

Hello 2022, you came by quick.

What’s new? What’s brewing? What’s fresh?

After what seemed like the strangest couple of years we’ve ever had, we wanted to shout out to all our epic customers serving up pints of fresh Camden across the country, and you lot for filling up your fridges at home and getting the rounds in at the pub.

We’ve got loads of fun stuff coming up for you this year, with more events, limited edition beer releases and some fresh new collaborations soon the way soon. Here’s a little look at what to expect:

Tank Party will be back, and BIGGER than last year - taking our Tank Party Tour to more places across the UK. We can’t WAIT.

Our Camden Beer Hall will host a bunch of new events, great food menus and have an ever changing range of beers on the taps.

Our Web Shop will be getting some fresh new merch and limited edition beers very soon!

There may be a HUGE collaboration on the cards. It’s top secret. Pretend like we never told you.

Anyway, until then - if you’re working on sticking to Veganuary, or “almost-dry-January” - we’ve got you.

Try our lower-abv Week Nite Any Day Lager - at 3%, it’s made for dancing in the kitchen rather than an all night rave, although what you do on a Tuesday is up to you.

All our beers are suitable for veggies and vegans (excluding a VERY few limited edition beers, like Pina Lager, that has Lactose in the ingredients.)


Here’s to a fresh new year!

In other news


Our Barrel Aged Beer 2021 Imperial Pilsner is out now!

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