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“30% of women who get breast cancer go on to get metastatic breast cancer, but only 2% of research goes towards this type of cancer. I want to help change that.”

Our brewer Ian has been raising money for metastatic breast cancer research ever since his mum, Katie, was diagnosed five years ago. “I’m running a half marathon in May, and have done a couple of other marathons in the past, but I was always raising money just from family and friends. That’s when I thought of bringing beer into the mix; this is my chance to bring awareness to more people, but also to give something back.”

And what better way to give back then with delicious pink beer? Ian’s Fundraiser Framboise is full-on raspberry, all the way. It starts with a ridiculously bright pink colour (and even a pinkish-white head) from adding raspberry purée to the fermenter. Then you get the smell of bright, fresh raspberries – there’s no dry-hopping in this beer! – and straight-up pilsner malt, so the raspberries really come through. Finally, the flavour: Ian fermented his beer using both our house lager yeast and lactobacillus bacteria, which created a tartness that hits you with your first taste. It’s then complimented by the full-on fruitiness (without the sweetness) of raspberries, and then wraps up with a dry finish. Super refreshing.

And what does Ian’s mum think about his raspberry lager? “She thinks it’s awesome. She wants me to keep a bottle of it for her to try.” We make no promises, Katie – this beer sounds too delicious to hold back.

Join Ian and our crew this Friday, 10 April at 3pm for tapping the keg. Pints on for a donation to

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