How young are you?

Or in other words, are you of legal drinking age? We have to ask because it’s the law. Just so you know.

Pacman Nope, I’m not quite there yet.


You guys might not know this, but our brewers are half chemists, half artists, and all-around good people. They’re always experimenting with new recipes and concoctions looking to find that perfect combination of ingredients to make the kind of beer we want to share with our friends.

Their latest experiment, the “Prawns of Hells” (our take on Spawn of Hell), is a tribute to the UK’s love of prawn cocktail. A combination of the crisp, clean lager of our Hells, with a touch of seaside freshness of prawns and sweet tomatoes added into the whirlpool. We’re calling it a summer starter. Rob, the guy in charge of our beers, said it was “absolutely brilliant, but in need of more cocktail sauce,” so we’re serving it with a spoonful of sauce stirred into every pint.

We’re selling it only through O’Reilly’s Pub, so hurry down there to buy a pint! They’ve only made a limited batch (probably only enough to last until midday), but we already love it so much we’re thinking it will make a comeback this summer.

In other news

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