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New Beer Alert: Flue Faker

Introducing Flue Faker! Our brewers first cooked up the concept for this seasonal beer way back in November. We wanted to make a lager using beechwood smoked malt. A long email thread of ideas exchanged and after-hours meetings later, this was one idea that just wouldn’t quit. We made a trial one-keg brew which got smashed in one evening at the brewery bar and BOOM! We had it.

Flue Faker is our take on a classic Bamberg Rauchbier, perfect for this time of year. Brewed with Pilsner, Special B, Cara Pils malts and hopped with Saaz, a little beechwood-smoked Pilsner gives this beer a subtle smokiness. 5.8% ABV with an IBU of 26, since you ask. This one’s gone into kegs only and will be available from the end of next week at the Brewery Bar, Craft Beer Rising and lots of other awesome places (check twitter for more stockists, or give us a shout).

We’ll be having a little get-together to toast this new brew on Thursday the 27th of February - come down to meet the brewers, taste the beer and generally PARTY. Hope to see you there!


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