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One Hell of a Beaver

What’s that you say? About time we brewed a new collaboration brew with another awesome London brewery? Well, okay then! Next Friday, we’ve invited Beavertown Brewery over to our place to brew a mad-crazy mash up of Hells Lager and Gamma Ray American Pale Ale. It’s going to be called ‘One Hell of a Beaver’ and we’re really, really excited about it.

Since the beer’s a collaboration, the branding should be a joint effort too, right? That’s what we thought. So while the brewers get busy making beer, you can watch us design the label artwork. Nick Dwyer, Creative Director of Beavertown and illustrator Thomas Slater (who drew our branding for Indian Summer, Flue Faker, Emperor Nero and more) will be live drawing the label in the Brewery Bar on the brew day.

They’ll both be working on one design together and at the end of the evening, whatever they’ve created will form the basis of the beer bottle label and keg badge – plus, we’ll be running a raffle to give the original drawing away to one of you lucky lot.

We’ll have Beavertown’s Gamma Ray, Neck Oil, Smog Rocket, Lemon Phantom,Black Betty and No Dawn For Man on the bar (plus our beers of course!). Born & Raised cooking pizzas and Bill or Beak with burger duo’s, so come down between 7-10pm to watch the drawing unfold, drink beer, eat pizza and maybe even go home with the artwork!

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