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A Red IPA inspired by Ireland, Germany and the USA: our next beer is coming soon! On May 18 our brewer Ian started brewing this full circle beer: it’s a test of all that he’s learned since he joined us in 2012. “The first beer I brewed at Camden was a 20 litre batch of single-hopped Pale Ale using El Dorado hops. Now I’m making a 2000 litre batch using El Dorado again. It’s nice to bring it back to where I started from here.”

Celebrating Ian’s Irish-American background and time living in Heidelberg, Germany when he was young, this one’s going to be an Irish beer style with German malts and all-American hops and yeast. “The Vermont yeast I’m using will give it a distinct aroma of East Coast IPAs, and because it’s a hop-tolerant yeast strain, the eucalyptus and minty aromas from the El Dorado and Cascade hops really come through.”

With an ABV of 4.7%, and an IBU of 47 (to give that perspective, the bitterness of our Pale Ale is 35 IBUs, and our IHL is 55 IBUs), all the bitterness of this beer come from hop bursting, or adding in the hops only at the end of the whirlpool cycle, which push forward strong hop aromas. Expect this Red IPA to have a lot going on with it.

Ian’s wrapping up his time with us here, but this beer is a great send off to our colleague and friend. “My time with Camden Town Brewery has been really great. The people I’ve met here are fantastic; I’ve kept in touch with everyone I’ve ever brewed with here. I’ll still be at the Brewery Bar all the time – it’ll be like I’ll have never left.”

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