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YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. Our annual street party tank is going ON TOUR for the very first time!

It all kicked off 8 years ago as a celebration of the FRESHEST (and we mean freshest) beer poured straight from the tanks at our brewery in Camden.

We’d tap up our brew house tanks right on the cobbles under the arches and sell pints to all who wanted them. Turned out, loads of you did. So we did it again. And again - now here with are 8 years later about to head out on our 7th year (thanks 2020) of Tank Partying - but this year, we’re bringing the beer to YOU.

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We’re heading to 4 cities for a two day fresh beer party, with food, music, merch and more! Travelling north and west with a tank full of the freshest, unfiltered Hells Lager, loaded up onto our Camden trucks, you’ll find us in:


→ Escape To Freight Island Our biggest fresh beer stop in the north - so expect BIG things!

LEEDS - 23 + 24 JULY

→ Multistories Fresh beer on the rooftop, overlooking the city.


→ Baltic Market Find the BEST food and beer pairings


→ Thekla Bristol’s most notorious party boat


→ Camden Beer Hall Find us Saturday and Sunday at NW5 3NN - It’s going to be bigger and better than ever.

Expect the best food, great music, fun stuff, new merch and of course – the freshest Camden beers.
It’s free, with bookings available for a few cities – but mostly walk-ins - so come early to not miss out!

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WHAT IS TANK PARTY? Camden Town Brewery’s annual street party celebrating fresh, unfiltered beer poured straight from the tanks. We’ve only ever done this at our brewery before, so can’t wait to bring the beer to our favourite cities with Tank Party Tour this summer.

WHAT ABOUT COVID RESTRICTIONS? We’re aligning each event with both the most up to date UK Gov guidelines, and each venue’s procedures to keep you and us safe. All our events will be table service, and we’ll have a strict capacity cap to make everyone comfortable in the space. There’s lots of outside space, sanitising stations and we encourage anyone who wants to to wear a mask to do so inside or outside when moving around. We’d recommend taking quick and easy rapid test before heading out to any event, as an extra step too. And as always, please do not attend the event if you or a friend is unwell.
WHAT BEER’S AVAILABLE? The freshest unfiltered Hells Lager, poured straight from our touring tank! Plus a Camden Tap Takeover of our other beers like Pale Ale and Off Menu
WHAT IS TANK BEER? Inspired by German Keller Biers, tank beer is beer literally poured straight from the tank it’s brewed in – it’s the freshest beer you can get and how our brewers try it at the brew gouse. Unfiltered, never ever pasteurized and oh so fresh.
HOW IS THE TANK TRAVELLING ON TOUR? We’re filling up each tank onto our vans just before each event, and travelling to each city for you to drink the tank dry.
WILL THERE BE OTHER DRINKS ON OFFER? Yes! There’ll be the venue’s full drinks menu alongside a solid Camden line up.

DO I NEED TO BOOK? Most events are walk-in only, on a first come first served basis. For Manchester’s event at Escape to Freight Island you can book a table on their website. It’s free entry too!

 IF I SIGN UP, AM I GUARATEED ENTRY? No, by signing up you will get the most up to date info about our Tank Party Tour in your inbox, including details on food, music and more!
WHAT TIME DOES IT START? Each venue opens and closes at different times. Find out more here.
CAN I STAY ALL DAY? If you have booked a table at Manchester this may only reserve your table for a limited time. For our other venues, you can stay as long as you like, and we’ll be operating a one in one out policy if we’re at capacity.
DO I HAVE TO PAY TO GET IN? Nope, Tank Party Tour is mostly free entry (if you pay, you’ll get a beer too) but first come, first in – so arrive early to make sure you can get in.
IF I ARRIVE AT 6PM, WILL YOU STILL BE TAKING WALK INS? We’ll be operating on a one in, one out policy all day long – so we recommend arriving early, but late comers might be lucky too.
IS THERE SPACE INDOORS INCASE IT RAINS? Yes, there’ll be a covered area at each venue but tables will work on a first come, first served policy – so check the weather and come prepared for a true unpredictable British summer.
IS OUTSIDE COVERED? Yes, there’s lots of outside space covered, including umbrellas and tents – although we recommend dressing for the weather and arriving early to get a space inside.

WHAT MUSIC ARTISTS ARE PLAYING? We’ve got a full line-up announcement for each city being launched soon!
WHAT FOOD’S AVAILABLE? We’re working with each venue to bring you a solid line up of beer paired dishes from a whole bunch of street food vendors. You can order these on an app at most venues.
CAN I BRING MY DOG/CHILD? Yes! Most of the time, but worth checking on each venues website to check any restrictions.
DO THE EVENTS HAVE DISABLED ACCESS? Yes, if you’d like to talk about your access needs for each venue please reach out
HOW MUCH IS A PINT OF UNFILTERED HELLS? The beer will be prices the same as your usual pint at each venue
WHAT IS I WANT TO TRY A DIFFERENT CAMDEN BEER? We’ll be bringing a line up of our freshest other beers on tap too
WILL THERE BE VEGAN OPTIONS? Yes, our beer is suitable for vegans with veggie and vegan food options too
WILL THERE BE GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS? Yes, we’ll have GF food – but we don’t have a gluten free beer I’m afraid
WHAT’S THE MAXMUM GROUP SIZE? Each venue will be going by GOV guidance at the time, so please reach out

HOW ARE YOU KEEPING SAFE DURING COVID? Each venue will be sticking with their strict safety policy during the event, based on the most recent GOV guidelines

ARE YOU TAKING LARGER BOOKINGS? If you’re arriving in a larger group, we recommend arriving early for walk-ins. For Manchester, you can book groups of up to 30 outside. We’ll be sticking with UK Gov guidelines, so if anything changes with your booking size, we’ll let you know.
I HAVE A QUESTION FOR THE VENUE, WHO DO I ASK? You can reach out to us directly at Camden if it’s about the event, or drop each venue a message on Instagram too
IS THERE A CLOAKROOM? We won’t be operating a cloakroom system at any of the events, so whatever you bring along you’ll need to keep on you over the day
IS THERE ANY PARKING NEARBY? Yes, for some venues! You can find out more on their websites.
CAN I PAY WITH CASH OR IS IT CARD ONLY? Like lots of places, we prefer card payments at the moment
I HAVE A DIETRY REQUIREMENT! No problem, get in touch with any questions beforehand, or let us know when you order at the event
WILL YOU BE SELLING MERCH? Yes, some new limited edition stuff too!

WILL MY BAG BE CHECKED UPON ENTRY? Yes, bag checks will be in place and we’ll be operating a challenge 25 policy for all drinks served.

CAN I BRING IN MY OWN REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE? Yes, although you may be asked to refill the liquid once you are inside the venue at one of our water stations.

WHAT AM I NOT ALLOWED TO BRING INTO THE EVENT? Any alcohol, drugs, illegal substances, fireworks, weapons or anything else found on your person will be taken seriously.


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