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The Camden Guide to Beer this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time for a beer. Here’s our guide on how to embrace the festive season.

Rule number 1: Fill your fridge
There’s nothing worse than settling down after a turkey frenzy and few stressful sprout moments to find that your (insert sneaky beer drinking family member here) has drunk the last of your favourite beers you had chilling in the fridge. 
Here’s how to stop the Christmas beer thieves:
1. Grab a selection of your favourite beers
2. Put half in the fridge, tell everyone they’re yours. Make a big scene about how excited you are about ‘em.
3. Gift wrap other half up and write ‘from your secret Santa’ on the tag. Put under the tree whilst nobody is looking.
4. Wait until the beers have been drunk, you knew it was going to happen anyway so just accept it.
5. Open up your secret untouched beers from under the tree, display your excitement to drink them.
6. Voila, nobody will go near those beers you gifted to yourself of fear or ruining Christmas forever. Enjoy beers and be merry.

Rule number 2: Give beer this year
Avoid the chaos and head down to your local bottle shop for the best gift buying experience ever - Drinking beer whilst getting all your presents. Gentleman’s Wit for your bro, Beer 2016 for your sister with the sweet tooth, Pale Ale for your dad and a mixed case for your nan because she’s pretty indecisive so wants to give them all a go. Plus, if you’ve got a few extra bottles lying around you’ve always got a back up incase your pal pops round who you for forgot to buy a gift for.

Rule number 3: Become one with festive season
Do your friends call you the Grinch of Christmas? Yes, It’s loud, bright and shouty, but you can’t avoid it so you may as well get involved. Being a Scrooge isn’t going to get you anywhere, so if Christmas is your idea of hell, then grab a Hells, put on a Santa’s hat, crank up the Shakin’ Stevens and take it all in.

Rule number 4: Bring the cheer with beer
We brew our yearly beer with Christmas in mind. One to share with your best friends, family and work pals to celebrate everything that’s gone on over the past 12 months. It takes us all year to make, aging in barrels on our mews, absorbing the flavours of the seasons – and we know what you’re thinking, who wants to remember 2016? The way we see it is that amongst all the doom and gloom of 2016, what better than to see of the year with beer,so let’s toast to what’s coming up next - Bring on 2017.

We’re going to spreading the beer cheer to the good people of London all next week.

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