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The Castles Of Camden

Ever wondered why there’s a castle in our logo? In the 1800s, workers from all over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales travelled to Camden to work on the railways. After a hard day’s work they liked nothing better than a pint and a bit of a brawl with each other. The solution? A pub for each nation, so the Windsor Castle, Dublin Castle, Edinboro Castle and Pembroke Castle were born, to keep them apart and keep the peace!

3 of these pubs are still going today (without the segregation)  – and as of Autumn 2015, we’re happy to announce that they all serve Camden beer!  So what can you expect from the four three Castles of Camden?

Edinboro Castle serves up traditional pub grub, and a great range of cask and keg beers. The pub’s name was deliberately misspelt and previous contained a library, gallery and museum. Head over to their Tappy Mondays where you get £1 off everything on draft!
Dublin Castle is a live music venue that’s had the likes of Blur + Amy Winehouse grace their stage. It was Madness who bought this pub’s status to the limelight when they played at the venue in the 70’s, and later filmed videos there. Expect a whole range of genres, just add your CTB beer + you’re in for a good night.
Pembroke Castle is worth to visit if you’re a fan of stand up comedy, pizza + beer (who isn’t?), get down there on a sunny day - their beer garden is one to be envious of.

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