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The Mash: 5 July


This Saturday, 6 July, Lewis Durham (of Kitty, Daisy & Lewis) shares his awesome collection of original 78s with us. Expect rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm ‘n’ blues, plus we’re bringing the beer and Mama’s Jerk are bringing hot chicken. We’re open from 12 as usual and the vintage tunes spin from 5pm.

Today, across the city, it’s Truck Stop. An awesome group of the coolest food trucks, plus BBQ, tacos and great beer. Plus, if you’re going with a group of mates, you can buy a whole keg (50 pints!) to share. It’s at Wood Wharf, right by Canary Wharf.

We’ve got FleischMob and Dogfather Diner cooking at the brewery on Friday.  FleischMob’s pork schnitzel sandwich is one of our favourite sandwiches and it’s amazing with an Unfiltered Hells. Dogfather Diner make some of our favourite dogs – grab one with a Pale Ale.

Camden Versus Odell is on the bar and in the fridge. A limited edition collab battle brew which smashes together Cutthroat Porter and Hells Lager. Grab a few bottles to take home for the weekend BBQ – it’s seriously good with steak and sausages.

There’s a lot of sport on this weekend (or lots of sunshine for those wanting to get outside), so get to the Brewery Bar and pick up some bottles to take away. We’ve got Hells, USA Hells, Pale Ale, Gentleman’s Wit, Versus plus a few bottles of Wheat, our German-style Hefeweizen (that’s a good breakfast beer to go with the rugby on Saturday… Versus, as well as being good with BBQ, is also excellent with strawberries for the Wimbledon final on Sunday…).

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Resist the bad gifts this year - Gift 'em Hells.

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