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Or in other words, are you of legal drinking age? We have to ask because it’s the law. Just so you know.

Pacman Nope, I’m not quite there yet.

What the Hells is going on in 2016?

Hello, 2016! We’ve got big plans for you. As a team, I don’t think we’ve ever been more excited to start a new year.  This is going to be a good one, folks, so sit tight, buckle in and enjoy the ride.

Firstly, the important stuff. BEER. 2016 will see the return of a few old favourites as seasonal beers, with Flue Faker Rauchbier in February, Inner City Green (anyone remember that one?) in April, Strawberry Hells Forever in July and Oktoberfest Lager in September. All of them will be available in 330ml bottles as well as keg.

On top of that, we’re doing a load of experimental single hopped versions of Hells through out the year. Look out for Jarrylo Hells, out now, hopped with Jarrylo for a distinctive and unusual orange peel, pear and banana flavour profile.

Our classic beers are getting some extra love too. We’ll be adding a new lager to our core range and updating all of our packaging. Plus, the brewer’s are stoked because we just secured an extra 7 tonnes of Simcoe to turbo charge our Pale Ale recipe – taking the tonnage of Simcoe alone in Pale Ale to over 10 tonnes in total – that’s a lotta hops!

Last year’s Beer 2015 sold out in record time – and Beer 2016 is already being brewed ready for barrel aging all year long. It’s going to be a big, dark, hoppy lager and we’re very excited about it! Set a reminder in your diary for 25th of November 2016 so you can get in there before it goes.

Overseeing all this will be our new Director of Brewing, Ian Jones, who joins us this week. He’s not the only new face though. Two new sales reps started with us this week too and throughout the year we’ll be expanding in Sales, Marketing and Brewing as well as staffing up ready for the new site in Enfield so keep checking our jobs page for lots of opportunities.
A bigger Camden family means we need a bigger bar for our after work beers – the plans are in place to give our Brewery Bar a little refresh this spring too. Yep, our beloved in-house tap room is due for a much needed update, which will mean bigger fridges for take-away beer, more space to sit, more toilets (!!!) and a few licks of paint.

Aside from all that, what will 2016 bring? More beers in cans, a new website with an online store, our Bring Me Beer service to deliver fresh beer straight to you, bigger parties, more illustrator collaborations and lastly and most importantly…
...Our new Brewery. Throughout the year this will be our biggest project – and is our biggest project yet. Work has now started and we should be brewing at our new site by early 2017.
We couldn’t have done it without you guys and we can only get the new brewery up and running with your continued help and support. Keep drinking Camden and telling us how we can make our beer better.

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