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World Beer Cup Winners!


Last week we had some of our team over over to Nashville on a tour of some fun beer things over in the states, finishing up at the World Beer Cup, and we’re so excited to bring home our first gold win for Gentleman’s Wit, and a silver for our Pils Lager back with us!

The World Cup (of beer) happens every couple of years, and a bunch of ace breweries and our brewing friends battle it out through loads of different categories of beer styles to see who comes out on top that year. For us up there with one of the best beer competitions in the world, and since first entering back in 2012, we’ve won an incredible five awards in six years, competing against some incredible breweries.

With Gentleman’s Wit coming out on top in the Belgian-Style Witbier category, and Pils Lager winning silver for International-Style Lager we are going to be celebrating this weekend by cracking open a few cold bottles down at the Brewery Bar and at home over the weekend.

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