7 Days of IHL

Posted on Oct 17
IPA is resurrected as Lager! Join us for a week of celebration at our pop-up Temple of IHL.

Pumpkin Wicked This Way Comes

Posted on Oct 13
Trick or treat? Well treat, obviously, because we love you guys. Latest treat being our new Pumpkin Spiced Lager, which is coming out just in time for Halloween.

Your Weekend Sorted

Posted on Sep 25
Get out your diaries, chaps, it's time to make some plans. We've got a load of exciting stuff happening this weekend and we'd like you to be a part of it all...

Reasons to be Beer-ful: Part 2

Posted on Sep 19
So the summer is definitely over but that's no reason to get all sad and stuff. Beer still exists! And there's more of it, from more awesome breweries, than ever!