Get Yourself a Growler

Posted on Oct 2
We've been selling growlers and growler fills at the Brewery Bar for around two years now and are really excited that so many people are catching on to this awesome way to drink fresh draft beer at home.

Servus Oktoberfest!*

Posted on Sep 25
It's Oktoberfest! Otherwise known as beer Christmas (or is that just to us?), originally a celebration of the marriage of a Bavarian Prince now a celebration of everything we hold dear, aka beer, sausage, questionable costumes and collective revelry!


Posted on Aug 19
It’s Saturday night: you’re with your best mate, drinking a cold lager on your way to see a film down in Camden for a night of laughs and good times. The only thing that would make it even better is if you didn’t have to pull out your wallet for...

Fruit Cup: A Work of Art

Posted on Aug 18
A collaborative beer deserves a collaborative work of art, and when there are three breweries involved, you get one HELLS of a design!