How young are you?

Or in other words, are you of legal drinking age? We have to ask because it’s the law. Just so you know.

Pacman Nope, I’m not quite there yet.
  • Great beer lives here.

  • The lovechild of Helles and Pilsner.

  • The pale ale that packs a punch.

  • Our ideal IPA wasn’t on the menu, so we made it.

  • Weekends get all the good press.

  • The look-at-me lager.

  • One creamy head. One smooth finish.

  • Now In Season


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In other news

To The Pub

Supporting the industry we love with what we do best - beer!

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Beer Team

The Beer Team

Find out about the Camden Beer Team and what it's like working at a Brewery.

Meet the team
Camden Pop-Up Beer Garden


Fresh beer and BBQ from Prairie Fire BBQ. Book your table now!

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Arch 55

Arch 55

Our brewery under the arches in Camden us the original home of Hells. It's also the home of Arch 55, our series of small batch and new idea beers.

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